How does it work?

At Cityworks, we work hard to protect our community and the confidentiality of our resources.

Joining Cityworks - how it works

  1. An employer confirms to us that they would like to take up either Premium or Basic membership
  2. They may enter any number of HR, Diversity or Wellbeing professionals into the Cityworks community to make use of our member benefits.
  3. Each individual is required to complete our registration process.
  4. Once the registration form is submitted, it is checked and validated (see Confidentiality below)
  5. Individual users can then book tickets to events and access our online resources as appropriate for their level of membership.


We appreciate that documentation and discussions shared via Cityworks may be confidential in nature.  We have put in place safeguards to ensure that access to these materials and conversations is managed appropriately:

  1. Once submitted, all registration forms are validated manually by Cityworks before being approved to ensure that the individual registering has the appropriate authorisation to join
  2. At the employer's request, Cityworks can delegate these validation rights to their primary representative.
  3. Applications from any non-approved individuals will be declined.
  4. All our events are held under the Chatham House Rule
  5. No meeting or policy documentation is shared outside of the Cityworks approved membership.
  6. Our Confidentiality Protocol can be viewed here
  7. By joining Cityworks, all employers and individuals are consenting to abide by our Confidentiality Protocol

We will be pleased to respond to any questions about our approach to confidentiality - please email us here.

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