COVID-19: Support for employers, HR professionals and business champions

COVID-19 is creating an unprecedented challenge for businesses in terms of adapting to the fast-evolving situation and maintaining business continuity.  Employers are having to implement new working arrangements at lightning speed and communicate freqently and efficiently with their workforces, clients and suppliers to minimise myriad potential risks.  They are also concerned about supporting colleagues as best they can through this uncertain time,  helping them continue to work productively and to manage the impact on their homes lives as well.  We are watching these developments closely and are constantly considering how we can use our resources to positively support you so that you can in turn support your colleagues over the coming weeks. To this end, we will be moving the Cityworks network offering wholly online for the next few weeks. Planned physical events are being converted to webinars, and we're busy researching, writing and collating fresh content to provide you with advice and examples of how other businesses and HR professionals are responding to these challenges. In our online Library we have created a discussion thread where you can share your priorities, approaches and questions with other members.

Below is a list of the Coronavirus-related Webinars we have planned and advice from a range of workplace experts.  A best practice guide will follow soon. Please let Helen know if there are particular questions or topics that you would welcome information and support on.


Expert Advice

On 30th March Cityworks ran a webinar on 'Maintaining employe productivity and morale during COVID-19'.  Members can access the slides here

Our News articles are full of relevant examples and advice from a wide range of experts and professionals.  The following articles in particular may be helpful to you in considering how best to support colleagues, maintain productivity and boost morale:

  • The future of work: trends in the 21st century workplace: Dame Janet Gaymer, eminent employment lawyer and high profile Government advisor, sets out what the future of work look like in the 21st century workplace and how organisations need to adapt to meet these changes.
  • The Power of Storytelling in the Workplace: Gian Power, Founder and CEO of TLC Lions, explains how organisations can harness the power of corporate storytelling to build open, empathetic workplaces and bring out the best in their employees.
  • Establishing Mindful Business Cultures to Support Employee Wellbeing: Demanding workloads and high stress levels have a negative impact on people's wellbeing; on top of this, the global pandemic is causing uncertainty and rapid change. How can employers establish a more mindful working culture?
  • Looking after your carer employees:  Becoming a carer can be a sudden transition and many employees don’t feel comfortable discussing their caring responsibilities at work. With so many employees now worrying about friends, neighbours and family members due to the coronavirus, this advice for supporting your carer employees may be applied to the wider workforce.
  • 6 Actions to improve stress and resilience in the workplace: Now more than ever, stress management and helping employees to build their resilience to stress should be a top priority for employers.

Online Library

To share your priorities, approaches and questions with other Cityworks members please click here.

Other Helpful Resources

Here are some links to external articles and resources to support you. If you have any other suggestions, please contact Helen

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We are monitoring closely implications of the spread of Coronavirus. In accordance with advice provided by Public Health England, we respectfully ask that you avoid attending any Cityworks events if you have travelled to, or via, any location where there has been an outbreak and/or community transmission of COVID-19 within 14 days of the date of the event. It is possible events taking place in the near-term may be cancelled or postponed; please keep an eye on our website for updates.