Expert Series

At our 'Expert' series of events we welcome external guest speakers from inside and outside of the City to share insightful case studies and the latest on innovative HR and D&I practices. Attendance at events is free to corporate members of Cityworks and Practitioner Pass holders, and £25 per head on a pay-per-event basis.

With guest speaker Geraldine Gallacher, Managing Director of the Executive Coaching Consultancy.   This event is free to Cityworks corporate members and Practitioner Pass holders, and open to Pay Per Event members at £25 per ticket.

At this Expert Series meeting, Dame Janet Gaymer will talk about the future of work in the 21st century workplace and how organisations need to adapt to meet these changes. 

Attendance at this event is free for corporate members of Cityworks and £25 per head for non-corporate members.

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